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Accounting, which includes bookkeeping, has been called the language of business.

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NSPC is a full-service accounting firm committed to providing a wide range of tax services

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NSPC will provide practical insights into your financial information

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You optimize your Business , We optimize your life.

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We connect our clients with best options, practices and professionals available to ensure that your business is secure and profitable.

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Our staff is trained to ensure maximum benefits available to your business & family.

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Our general frequently asked questions

Based on our diversified clients, we have complied the most frequently asked questions.

This is the most crucial step and to be most tax efficient it requires detailed discussions to align client objectives. Whether to incorporate or do a partnership or be self employed require customized discussions. Please connect with one of our team member.

It depends on your personal tax situation which requires detailed planning to meet your objectives in most tax efficient manner. Please connect with our team who is well experienced in this area, will be happy to help you.

There are many expenses and many more ways to write off many expenses to save a lot off taxes in your business. Expenses like home expenses, vehicle expenses, Donations and etc. Please connect with our team member that we can assist you.

Should I sell business or should I sell shares or how to leave my business to my family. All these questions are very complex and requires very complex analysis. Our team has successfully helped our clients to exit out of there business and the right time and right price. Please contact our team that we can help you with your business.

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