Tax Planning & Compliance

Our tax team takes a pre-emptive approach with tax planning services.

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Our Service

Overall, tax planning is very similar to financial planning.

At NSPC, our experts will help you make the best decisions for your family and your finances. The more complex your financial affairs, the more detailed and thorough tax planning is needed.

The NSPC system

Our Defined Process


Need Analysis

We listen to you, pen down your requirements, and objectives and take required documents.


Evaluation & Tax Profile

We bring the right people together, evaluate best tax planning, process data accurately and align your objectives.


Final Discussion

We sit down with the final results explaining the best course of action and findings to achieve your goals.


Filing with CRA

We do our final review after discussion then file and coordinate with CRA.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Sound proactive tax planning can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

We go above and beyond standard tax planning and tax compliance and work with you to examine unique issues and tax opportunities. Corporate mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations are complex matters that require knowledgeable and experienced advice.

Superior Corporate and Personal Tax Planning

We offer full-service business tools that include corporate and personal financial planning, tax compliance, and advisory services to maximize your income and reduce your tax burden.

The Canadian government continuously updates the Income Tax Act. We ensure these complex changes are applied effectively to your unique financial situation.

Regularly gray areas in the tax code are clarified after being legally challenged. These changes can result in differences of thousands of dollars if finances aren’t updated as the law dictates.

Our professional expertise can give you peace of mind that you make the most of your finances.

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